Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring 2012 - SW France - Day 1

04:30. Left the house. Dry and 5C. The white beam of the GT easily lighting up the dark road before the A26. The run to Folkestone was easy and I arrived at 5:25; just in time to be offered the 05:50 instead of the 06:20; nice; just how I like it. Waiting for the off now and then I'll have my breakfast; sandwiches. Next stop is Rouen (2 hrs from Calais).

Arrived in Rouen after just 1 Hr 45 mins; GT running well and did not want to travel at 130kph; so I left her off the leash :-)

By 11:40am I was in Tours; still bright warm and sunny; and by 1pm I was just north of Poitiers. The GT had been cruising at around 170-180 kph very comfortably and, by 2:30pm I rolled up at Dave and Janet's house in St Fort sur Gironde.
Here is the route; average 70 mph from Calais (but that includes all stops!! ;-) )

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James said...

Be careful Dad, that is pretty speedy!!